About me

Servus and welcome to my homepage. My name is Christopher Vondra and I live in Ansfelden near Linz in Austria. As the "LNZ" already betrays on my website name my Homebase Airport is the Linz Blue Danube Airport (abbreviation: LNZ or LOWL) which is only 9 kilometers away from where I live. The "Spotter" betrays on my webiste name the theme of my website is plane spotting and aviation photography.

For aviation photography, I got quite by accident. I was many years ago in the "Crete Aquarium" on the greek island Crete as I tried to catch the fishes with my Nikon Coolpix camera with 2 megapixels and 8 MB (not 8 GB!!) memory card. It was impossible. By chance, I looked at the camera screen of a man standing next to me when photographing. He photographed with a digital SLR camera and the photos had great colors, an incredible sharpness and they wasn't a bit grainy. It was certain: Something I will. I bought myself a Canon EOS 450D. When I stumble frequently on the website airliners.net i get a taste to photograph airplanes. An EOS 450D and an airport near of my hometown, what could possibly go wrong? When I come back home and had a look on my photos I realize quickly that my photos do not look like those on the most famous Plane spotting website in the world. So I go a few days later back to the airport, and again, and again, and again ...... and now my photos look like the photos on airliners.net but I have infected me with the virus of aviation photography and today I go to the airport again and again and again ...

Nowadays I don't go to the airport, make my photo and go back home, because in the last years I met many likeminded Planespotter from those friendships have been formed. After a time our home airport was no longer exciting, so we looked for new goals and challenges. It's self-evident that we pretty intense comes into contact with the theme "travel". Meanwhile, we are together every year to different spotting trips, always hunting for the perfect photo, the "once in a lifetime" shot. Beside Plane spotting there are some other themes on our trips. Whether it's a visit to several attractions, a visit to the stadium, a slightly longer evening in the hotel bar or chill out in the hotel pool.

By the way: Regards to my "Tour Guys" Tom, Janos, Martin, Franz, Jan, Simon, Phil and Marcel ;)

So, have fun browsing on my website ;)

Greets Chris